Put simply, FIRST, VERIFY offers one place for companies across industries to:

  • Mitigate Risk
  • Prequalify Contractors
  • Manage Certificates of Insurance
  • Audit Your Contractors
  • Manage Critical Documents
  • Conduct Online Safety Training

How did we get here?

Two decades ago, before FIRST, VERIFY came into existence, our founders developed a proprietary business risk management database as a solution for a client seeking to qualify service providers by size, location, and safe work history.

Over the years, that database has evolved into a critical tool for expediting the flow of information among the client’s employees that were separated by different departments and facilities. It ensured that hundreds of outside contractors met corporate standards for safety and other criteria by utilizing our vendor information management systems. Contractor selection and access to corporate property could finally occur without the bottlenecks associated with case-by-case checking and authorization.

Word of the success of this custom system spread, and the requests for help resulted in the creation of FIRST, VERIFY. We are on the third generation of this well-tested, cutting-edge risk management service, with expanded features to provide the same reliable and secure third-party verification capabilities for all kinds of vendors. We provide you with a continually expanding universe of potential verified vendors to ensure that you’ll have options when a spike demand hits or when you expand into new markets. If you prefer a private database, we can create that, too. If your current system involves auditing vendor information—whether remote audits or on-site audits—FIRST, VERIFY can provide this service, as well.

FIRST, VERIFY is here to simplify your life, mitigate your risks, and help you make the best use of your valuable time. For more information, complete the contact form on this page or call (833) 840-2142.