Brewing companies across the nation rely on FIRST, VERIFY to mitigate risk, save time, select better qualified contractors, and more efficiently train contractors.


How? FIRST, VERIFY offers one place to:


Client Testimonial

Here’s how we helped The Boston Beer Company achieve “best-in-class” contractor safety management performance, in the words of their Health & Safety Department.

“The FIRST, VERIFY program has accomplished three main goals: A significant reduction in the amount of time our safety teams spend managing certificates of insurance and collecting and updating contractor safety information; A heightened awareness and understanding of contractors’ safety history that enables more thoughtful selection of contractors; and Immediately available, online training that enables contractors to arrive on-site prepared for the work environment. The FIRST, VERIFY system supports our ultimate goal of a creating a sustainably-safe work environment. Our employees and contractors value and benefit from this commitment, every day.”

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