Certificate Management Service

Anyone who’s ever been responsible for tracking third-party certificates of insurance would gladly pass the duty on to someone else – it’s one of the most frustrating tasks in the world of business. But more important, it’s a critical task in minimizing the company’s exposure to liability.

Missing a vendor's expired certificate can leave your company vulnerable to serious financial harm should a contractor or supplier cause property damage, personal injury or worse on your property. This is why we made our Certificate Management Service a core part of our service!

The FIRST, VERIFY web application automatically notifies the contractor or supplier well in advance of a certificate’s expiration date, allowing time for the submission of a renewed certificate. Our customer support personnel maintain continuous oversight until the policies are renewed and an updated certificate is issued.

On successful renewal, a PDF of the actual certificate is uploaded to the database where Purchasing, Risk Management and other company personnel can verify its compliance with your corporate requirements.

  • Relieves your administrative burden
  • Automated monitoring of certificate status
  • Reduces your administrative costs
  • Improves compliance

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