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Desktop Safety Audits

A question we get asked frequently is “How do you know if the prequalification information provided by contractors and suppliers is true and accurate?”
Other than the verifiable data (OSHA 300A forms, certificates of insurance, NCCI letters, etc.), we rely on the representations they make, as do all prequalification services. Most people are honest, but even so, they know if they’re caught lying they’ll be banned from working for that client. Self-interest is a powerful motivating force for doing the right thing!

However, companies often want to get a deeper look at the safety policies and procedures of their nested and large contractors, as they statistically pose the greatest risk and have the highest probability of having an incident due to the size and scope of their work.

There are several different approaches to getting a more in-depth look. The first involves requiring contractors to submit all their written safety programs for review to ensure that they’re “OSHA compliant” and contain the “correct” language. The problem with this approach is that there is a whole industry that sells technically compliant programs, so all a contractor has to do is use the search and replace tool to insert their company name to achieve instant compliance. Whether they train their workforce and enforce the specifics of those programs is an entirely separate issue that can’t be known by simply verifying the existence of the programs.

The second approach is to do a comprehensive field audit of all contractors. While providing the highest quality of information, it’s obviously very expensive and time-consuming. And auditing all contractors generates diminishing returns because it includes those that present minimal risk.

VERIFY has created a low cost, customizable approach to auditing that gives an in-depth and accurate view of a contractor’s safety practices. Our matrix approach helps clients determine which type of work and which contractors pose the greatest risk. Utilizing our matrix, they can then prioritize audits based on risk, contractor type, work schedule and other factors (including cost) to create a totally customizable program.

An audit can include review of a contractor's:
  • Written programs
  • Training material
  • Training documentation
  • In-field training
  • Field audits
  • Disciplinary procedures
  • And more

An added benefit is that the contractors find our approach to be minimally intrusive and actually helpful in improving their safety & health program. We actually receive calls and notes thanking us for helping them do a better job.

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SMI Safety Staffing & Consulting

Our "sister" company, SMI Safety is a safety consulting firm that provides:
  • Temporary (contract) staffing for industrial and commercial construction, general industry and disaster restoration contracting
  • Safety consulting for construction and general industry

Employing the best safety professionals in the industry is our key objective: The best expertise, experience and commitment – ensuring that our clients receive the advice they need in order to make informed decisions about their safety issues. Our diverse skills allow us to fulfill a wide range of client needs, from construction and general industry staffing to safety program development and implementation… in all 50 states.

Achieving outstanding client satisfaction is SMI Safety’s most important focus. Our safety professionals view themselves as helpful advisors – not the “safety police.” We train our team members to listen and understand your unique business needs first; only then can they become a valued safety resource that becomes part of your team.

Our client involvement ranges from:
  • Full- or part-time project safety staffing
  • Full-service safety program development and implementation
  • Assisting with implementation of a client-led safety program
  • Advising a client on best safety management practices


Project Staffing
  • Construction
Disaster restoration
  • General Industry
Special projects
Process Safety Management (PSM)

Construction. Whether your construction project is a manufacturing facility, a commercial development or a disaster cleanup, SMI Safety will provide on-site safety professionals that are carefully matched to your requirements: Supervisors or technicians; a few hours a week or twenty-four hours a day; three weeks or three years. The flexibility we offer lets you budget safety as a job cost, allowing you to respond to spike demands with complete confidence that your job site safety will be competently managed.

General Industry. If you need help implementing a special project or a shutdown / turnaround; if you’ve identified specific hazards in your facility that require process safety management; or if you just need to supplement your in-house safety staff to help identify hazards and prevent harmful incidents, SMI Safety will provide experienced safety professionals with the right backgrounds for your needs. Our business is helping you ensure a safe workplace as your business evolves… without adding to your overhead burden.

  • New safety program development / implementation
  • Existing safety program review / implementation
  • Employee safety training

Studies conducted by Liberty Mutual Insurance Company and OSHA show that for every dollar spent on an effective safety and health program, a company can expect returns of between $3 and $8. SMI Safety offers an array of OSHA compliance services, including safety program review / development, employee safety training and jobsite safety evaluations. Working with your staff, our safety professionals will customize written programs and manuals to fulfill your company’s unique requirements. Other services include hazard analysis and mock OSHA inspections to ensure that your company is positioned to pass the real thing with flying colors.

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