Online Safety Orientation/Training

Safety and health is vital for the success of any company. How do you provide safety orientation for the contractors and their employees that work at your facilities? Does your safety department devote valuable time every morning, every week presenting a Power Point presentation or video to contractor employees before they can start working?

Add up the cost – how many billable hours are spent by contractor employees before they get to the tasks they were hired to perform? (Not to mention the opportunity cost for the personnel on your payroll.)

VERIFY provides a simple-to-use online module for hosting your safety orientation videos. Contractor employees can complete the orientation, take a quiz and be authorized to access your facilities before showing up at your gates.

Pass/fail results are displayed in each contractor’s FIRST, VERIFY profile along with the prequalification information, allowing you to verify in one step that both the contractor company and its employees are qualified to work.

Our Process

We know that every client has unique requirements, so our approach is to develop unique solutions to achieve our clients’ business goals – whether with detailed, interactive content, or straightforward videos.

We can host client-produced videos, convert your Power Point slide deck to a professional video, or produce original content based on your specifications. Just complete the Contact Us form on this page, or call (800) 651-7180 to get more information.

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