Construction is a high-hazard, highly-regulated industry by nature. At FIRST, VERIFY, we understand the unique complexities and challenges of an active job site and aim to simplify your life by easing administrative burdens. That’s why we offer the following services—all in one convenient software:

  • Contractor & supplier prequalification web application
  • Certificate of insurance management services
  • Customized online safety orientation services
  • Remote safety audits & more

Client Testimonial

Clayco, Inc.’s Chief Safety Officer speaks to the impact FIRST, VERIFY has made throughout his career:

I have worked with FIRST, VERIFY since 2001, when I was the Health and Safety Leader at Cargill Corn Milling in Blair, Nebraska. We used the prequalification program to vet contractors that worked in our facility and new construction sites. It was extremely easy to use, and they always provided us with great support and customer service.

Their pre-qualification program allowed key Cargill managers to easily manage compliance with our strict safety standards. We could quickly locate contractors and determine if they were qualified to bid on a project. Outsourcing our prequalification process saved us time, money, and simplified our lives.

In 2010 I joined Clayco, Inc. in St. Louis as their Chief Safety Officer. Clayco is one of the nation’s largest privately-owned real estate, architecture, engineering, design/build, and construction firms, with a truly elite safety management system that differentiates us from our competitors. When I learned that Clayco was looking to improve its prequalification program, I was happy to introduce them to FIRST, VERIFY’s service.

We made the decision to go with FIRST, VERIFY because they could customize their program to fit our unique needs, but also because the low annual fee to our subs meant little pushback to us.

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