Have you ever thought: “It’s just not worth it?” Not worth it to keep track of all the various contractors and subcontractors, not worth it to digitize your training programs, etc. Many electronics manufacturing companies have felt that way. But when something unimaginable happens, and you are faced with mounting expenses and very real business continuity concerns, a safety emphasis suddenly seems very worth it.

FIRST, VERIFY is where safety starts. A comprehensive solution for the electronic manufacturing industry, we offer:

  • Contractor & supplier prequalification web application
  • Certificate of insurance management services
  • Customized online safety orientation services
  • Remote safety audits & more

Client Testimonial

The FIRST, VERIFY system supports our ultimate goal of creating a sustainably-safe work environment. Our employees and contractors value and benefit from this commitment, every day

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Learn from the safety experts at FIRST, VERIFY about industry trends, how to close risk management gaps, and more.

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