Corporate safety culture is becoming more and more important in the equipment manufacturing industry. At the same time, managing the various suppliers and contractors and ensuring they meet safety requirements is becoming more and more cumbersome. That’s why FIRST, VERIFY offers one place for equipment manufacturing companies to:

  • Mitigate risk
  • Prequalify contractors
  • Manage certificates of insurance
  • Audit your contractors
  • Manage critical documents
  • Conduct online safety Orientation

All of this can be accomplished through a combination of FIRST, VERIFY’s:

  • Contractor & supplier prequalification web application
  • Certificate of insurance management services
  • Customized online safety orientation services
  • Remote safety audits & more

Client Testimonial

Below, read what AGCO’s Environmental, Health and Safety Manager had to say about FIRST, VERIFY.

FIRST, VERIFY provided a simple way to accomplish (managing a database of contractors and contractor safety orientation prior to mobilization) without the time and energy commitment from our staff. The process is cost effective when compared to the time and cost commitment of administering a program with company staff and resources. The website on the administrative side is simple and easy to use. The dashboard provides quick reference to contractor status. When seeking contractor information, we have found the site to be very user friendly and reliable. Customer service has been excellent with fast response for questions and concerns. Contractors can take [online safety orientations] any time and at their convenience. No more classrooms and staff time spent chasing contractors.

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