As fossil fuels decline and ethanol producers are more closely watched than ever, safety cannot be left to chance. That’s why ethanol organizations across the nation are counting on FIRST, VERIFY to enhance safety culture, streamline contractor vetting processes and training, and mitigate risk. Take it from our satisfied clients at Green Plains:

FIRST, VERIFY has facilitated an enhanced safety culture for Green Plains and an enhanced safety culture saves time and money. Populating our sites with contractors with reliable safety records decreases the risk of accidents; potentially saving a life or preventing injury is invaluable.

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Learn more about FIRST, VERIFY’s core services

  • Contractor & supplier prequalification web application
  • Certificate of insurance management services
  • Customized online safety orientation services
  • Remote safety audits & more

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Learn from the safety experts at FIRST, VERIFY about industry trends, how to close risk management gaps, and more.

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