You know the old expression “Hindsight is 20/20?” It’s true. But in the pharmaceutical industry, it doesn’t apply. You can’t afford to not have foresight when it comes to safety. You are expected to be ahead of safety standards and efficiencies not only for your employees, but also for your contractors.

This begs the question: do you have a system that handles the following for your contractors and subcontractors?

  • Insurance coverages and limits
  • Safety metrics (EMR, RIR, DART, etc.)
  • Citations & fatalities
  • Safety programs, training and policies
  • Key documents such as COI, OSHA 300A forms, NCCI Worksheets
  • Financial performance
  • Bonding limits
  • Licenses & certifications
  • Plus any other credentials required by your company

Audits have revealed that companies that try to manage all of this in-house have a compliance rate that is less than 50%—and that’s a stat that can cost you.

Here’s how FIRST, VERIFY can help:

  • Contractor & supplier prequalification web application
  • Certificate of insurance management services
  • Customized online safety orientation services
  • Remote safety audits & more

Client Testimonial

The FIRST, VERIFY system supports our ultimate goal of creating a sustainably-safe work environment. Our employees and contractors value and benefit from this commitment, every day.

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