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Potential increases in a company's legal and regulatory liability lie ahead.

Under new guidance just published by OSHA, violations of the reporting rule now expose companies to fines 400% higher than previous requirements.

Carla J. Gunnin of Jackson Lewis explains how the new guidelines permit area directors to boost a fine to $7,000 if they decide that a company needs more "deterrent effect."

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The most efficient weight-loss book would have only two chapters, each with one sentence: Chapter One – “Eat less.” Chapter Two – “Exercise more.” There’d be a similar book for improving your company’s health: Chapter One – “Reduce costs.” Chapter Two – “Increase revenues.” This article hopes to make a case for the financial benefits of implementing a rigorous safety culture – a commitment that can both reduce costs and increase revenues.

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Construction is facing a severe skills shortage at all levels of the industry. According to a December survey by Building Design + Construction, the lack of experienced professionals and project managers is creating a hiring crisis that has "stymied" architecture/engineering/construction firms in the U.S.

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Tressi L. Cordaro of Jackson Lewis in Washington, D.C. gives fair warning to companies in Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska that have elevated injury and illness rates: A recent OSHA initiative is looking at you for comprehensive safety and health inspections.

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