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EMR whiteboard from FIRST, VERIFY on Vimeo.

OSHA has launched a pilot program in the Midwest region to shame employers that violate the rights of an employee whistleblower.  We can all agree that employers should not be violating rights of any kind - especially those involving safety and health - BUT...

...should a government agency use the tactic of harming a private company's reputation before an allegation is proved?  What about due process?

For more information read this article by Tressi L. Cordaro of Jackson|Lewis...
The fire spread so quickly that the men stopped their suppression efforts and called 911. It started when an employee for this medium-sized sawmill was welding on equipment inside the mill’s main processing building.  He had followed normal procedures, including wetting down the area, but piles of sawdust and debris from the log debarking process— soaked with oil and grease leaked from equipment overhead—had caught fire nonetheless. Fires in mills happen all the time, but in this situation employees inadvertently dispersed the burning debris—sending the fire up a cable chase, rapidly spreading it throughout the building.

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